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Safety Management

Make Your Vessel A Safe Working Environment by Developing a Safety Management System

A Safety Management System requires a company to record its management methods and document its actions to ensure that everything is planned, executed, and organized should any conditions and activities that affect safety and the environment occur. By developing an SMS, those aboard, clearly know their responsibilities, authorities and lines of communication. The increase in Safety Management skills improves morale and can lead to a reduction in costs due to an increase in effectiveness and a decrease in claims. Establishing a Safety Management System can provide a safe working environment and provide protection against any risks. 


For those clients interested in a higher degree of safety that will meet industry standards including the International Safety Management (ISM) code, Reid Marine Services can provide expertise and consultation, including certified 3rd party auditing to develop a system tailored to the vessel and the type of services you need for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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