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Capt. Kent R. Reid, Commanding Officer of CCGS John P. Tully during ROV recovery operations for the 2022 Northeast Pacific Deep-Sea Diversity Expedition

Photo: Courtesy of Shelton DuPreez

Yacht Waivers: For Everyone’s Protection

Piloting or chartering large yachts in BC coastal waters is a challenging undertaking at the best of times. With large tidal flows, strong currents, restricted waterways, and a complex Marine Communications and Traffic System (MCTS) reporting scheme, even the most experienced Captain can find the west coast of British Columbia a bit daunting.


Reid Marine Services (RMS) was started to support all aspects of the BC yachting industry with the specific goal of assisting large yacht ownership in navigating the complicated but pristine waterways along our coast. With over 30 years of experience navigating large ships up and down the coast, our job at RMS is to provide professional support and guidance to ensure every vessel has a safe and relaxing transit while at the same time allowing for a unique guest experience along the way.

By providing competent local knowledge and expertise, RMS can add that extra layer of safety when Captains and owners need it most.

My background, my philosophy.

I joined the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) in January 1988 as an entry-level deckhand and attained my first navigation certificate (WKM) in April 1994. In 1999 I received my Ocean Navigator II certification and was granted a 2-year leave of absence from the Coast Guard to work offshore and pursue my Foreign Going sea time.

I then joined Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, a specialty cruise line comprised of large sailing ships catering to adventure tourism in May 2000 as Chief Officer. I then transferred to the company flagship, the S/V Legacy where I completed my initial contract in December 2000. I returned to Windjammer in March 2001 as Master onboard various vessels before serving a third contract with the company as Master on-board the S/V Legacy.

Having completed my Foreign Going sea time I returned to the Canadian Coast Guard and worked successfully in various command positions.

In 2007 I completed my Master Mariner (Unlimited) certification. In 2008 I accepted an 18-month assignment with Transport Canada Marine Safety working on their Domestic Safety Management initiative. In 2010 I completed my assignment and returned to the Canadian Coast Guard and am currently sailing as a full-time Commanding Officer.​ 

I started Reid Marine Services as an opportunity to expand my marine interests into the yachting industry with a focus on providing a level of expertise reflective of my years as a professional mariner and ship handler.

My philosophy has always been centred on the knowledge that the marine environment is unforgiving for those that aren't prepared. Whether working independently or through a broker, my goal is to ensure clients understand and appreciate, that quality service and professionalism, benefit all aspects of their operation.

Certification and Endorsements
  • Master Mariner (Unlimited) STCW Compliant

  • Integrated Nav Sytems (ECDIS) Certified

  • Bridge Resource Management Certification

  • Simulated Electronic Navigation (SEN) I/II Certification

  • Marine Emergency Duties (Senior Officer)

  • CCG Certified Ship's Security Officer

Significant Contributions and Accomplishments
  • June 2022 C/O CCGS John P. Tully during the Northeast Pacific Deep-Sea Diversity Expedition

  • June 2020 Awarded CCG Exemplary Service Medal with device

  • January 2018 – Awarded the CCG Exemplary Service Medal for service in the performance of duties involving potential risk

  • Jan 2018 & Sep 2017 – Guest speaker on Assessing Risk at the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Command Development Course

  • May 2017 – Presented at the Nautical Institute of BC Conference on Managing Risk in the Pacific North West

  • January 2012 – Attended Fleet Safety and Security Modernization Project to update Fleet Safety Manual

  • October 2010 – C/O CCGS Vector during Salish Sea Expedition in support of Science & Technology Week 2010

  • September 2010 – Attended NPCG Summit as follow-up to the Experts Meeting held in March

  • March 2010 – Attended NPCG Forum Experts Meeting as an observer on the Illegal Migrant Working Group

  • March 2010 – C/O CCGS Vector during Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games Marine Security Operation

  • October 2009 – Presented at Atlantic (Newfoundland) Regional Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC) on Domestic Safety initiatives on behalf of TC Marine Safety

  • July 2009 – Attended Canadian Shipbuilding Forum, Gatineau, Q.C., on behalf of TC Marine Safety

  • July 1999 – Awarded Coast Guard Commissioner’s Commendation

My personal interests

My social interests include literature, political science, history, and sports.

I am articulate, sociable, well-read and am comfortable in all social and business settings. I appreciate the needs of client-based business objectives and am cognizant of the subtleties necessary to maintain strong business relations. 


I am a non-smoker and I am an avid diver, kayaker, skier, hiker and mountain biker.

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have lived on the west coast most of my life and have attended colleges in Long Beach, CA and St. John's, Newfoundland.

Capt. Kent R. Reid Sea of Cortez 2017

Capt. Reid

Charter Captain, M/Y Komokwa

Sea of Cortez 2018

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