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Pilotage Waivers

Pilotage Waivers: Compulsory in British Columbia Waters

Any vessel weighing 350 gross tons or more that is not considered a pleasure craft and any pleasure craft over 500 gross tons is required to comply with compulsory pilotage waivers.

When a professional captain from Reid Marine Services in Chilliwack, British Columbia is assigned to your vessel as the deck officer and has conduct of the vessel, the Pacific Pilotage Authority can grant a 'Waiver of Compulsory Pilotage', or pilot waivers to your vessel.

In this event, you will not need to have a Pilot, nor will you have to pay Pilotage Fees. Our captains have met the Pilotage obligations of the Pacific Pilotage Regulations.

We have extensive knowledge of applicable hazards, weather, currents, berths, and anchorages. You can trust that you’re in good hands. With, Reid Marine.

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