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Marine Services

Marine Services for all Your Yachting Needs

We provide a wide range of professional marine services for the yachting industry. We cater to both private and commercial yacht owners who require professionals with knowledge, training, and expertise. Our services include;


  • Yacht Deliveries: timely and professional delivery to any location in the Pacific Northwest

  • Charter Captain: professional and reliable captains who will manage the vessel, allowing you to enjoy the ship and the sea

  • Pilotage Waivers: seafaring insurance products and guidance

  • Training: professional guidance for first-time owner/operators

  • Safety Management: expert-level consulting services to help bring you into compliance with higher-level operations regulations. When a professional captain from Reid Marine Services in Chilliwack, British Columbia is assigned to your vessel as the deck officer and has conduct of the vessel, the Pacific Pilotage Authority can grant a 'Waiver of Compulsory Pilotage' to your vessel.

  • Risk Management: critical evaluations to help you to be sure that your personnel, equipment, and training are in order


All of this and more is available to you when you work with Reid Marine Services in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

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