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International Safety Management System

What is An International Safety Management System

Did you know that most accidents and injury on a vessel are caused by human error and poor management?  An International Safety Management system, or ISM, was developed to reduce these problems. The International Safety Management system outlines codes for safe operation and pollution prevention on ships, and is mandatory for all vessels. The main purpose is to ensure safety at sea, prevent the loss of human injury or life and to avoid doing damage to the environment. A Safety Management System, that meets the requirements of the ISM, requires a company to record its management methods and document its actions to ensure that everything is planned, executed, and organized should any conditions and activities that affect safety and the environment occur.


Here at  Reid Marine Services, we can provide expertise and consultation, including certified 3rd party auditing to develop a system tailored to the vessel and the type of services you need for your business. Contact us today to learn more. 

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